Adobe After Effects

A motion graphics and visual effects software used after video production is complete


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Do you use Adobe Premiere to edit videos? If so, Adobe After Effects Professional perfectly complements this software, and it even adds to it with the special effects that you can use to make your videos magical. Adobe After Effects was intended for video post-production, and it adds more professionalism to your videos. Important to understand is that Adobe has since upgraded their After Effects software to what is known as the Creative Cloud Suite. The software developers at Adobe now base this program off a subscription model over a one-time license purchase.

There is no question about it, whether you work in film, broadcast, or online videos, Adobe After Effects is the most professional consumer suite on the market. It finishes the job, and integrates flawlessly with other Adobe products. That means that you can add a unique effect from Photoshop or Illustrator without conflict. Adobe After Effects has a plethora of tools that have become the industry standard for image editing, except they have been adapted to video. RotoBrush operates in a similar manner to Photoshop's Magic Wand. You can select silhouettes and place characters against grounds that need a chroma screen.

When it comes to Adobe After Effects, you have more purpose-specific tools for video like the Auto-Keyframe. This feature creates keyframes automatically, and it applies video effects as needed. For example, you have the Mesh Warp effect of 3D. You can distort and warp videos like they were just a plain image. Adobe After Effects Professional has a wide variety of third-party plug-ins like Mocha. This advanced tracking system means that you can create and adjust scenes with greater professionalism.

There are advantages to After Effects moving to Creative Cloud. For example, the upgrade has improved a number of features that include the Live 3D Pipeline, and it brings CINEMA 4D scenes into your videos as a layer. You will have the ability to share your work on a more direct level. Creative Cloud integrates seamlessly with Behance, and you can get immediate feedback and share your projects with people around the world. This allows for collaboration with creative minds on an international scale. If you use Creative Cloud, you have access to new features the moment Adobe releases them.

Adobe After Effects has a steep learning curve and will require hours of careful study before you can create flawless videos. After you have mastered Adobe After Effects, you will have access to an expert selection of templates and special effects. This software takes you as close to the edge of a professional product as possible without the outrageous price tag that goes with professional film editing software. The advantage of being familiar with Adobe's video editing suite is that you will find the interface of After Effects identical.


  • Logical Structure for Workflow
  • Enormous Selection of Templates
  • Powerful and Incredible Software
  • Integrated with Other Packages in the CC Suite


  • Takes Hours of Study and Practice to Become Proficient
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